Levingston Group, LLC Process Engineering

Process / Chemical Engineering

Levingston’s Process Engineering group provides front-end project development, process design / simulation, Process Safety Management, and process support for other engineering disciplines. All personnel have extensive operations backgrounds in diverse industries, giving us an understanding of your needs that cannot be gained from education alone.

Front-end Project Development

Levingston process engineers develop projects from concept to design basis, working with plant personnel to identify project justifications, explore alternative solutions, and make decisions on project scope. Establishing a strong process scope, developing PFDs and P&IDs, and setting design parameters is essential for limiting scope growth in later project stages. We can tailor our reports to be consistent with your corporate standards or utilize our own formats.

Process Design / Simulation

Levingston has process design expertise in a variety of industries, from refineries and petrochemicals to inorganic chemicals, batch operations, and solids handling. For projects requiring specialized or licensed technology we can work as design liaisons between the technology provider and the project design staff. Our engineers are experienced in various process simulation and hydraulic software and use both types on a daily basis.

Process Safety Management (PSM)

Levingston personnel can assist facilities in many aspects of PSM. We have extensive experience in relief device sizing/rating and have led major PSV documentation projects and flare system analyses. We have personnel trained to conduct PHAs as well as perform PHA revalidations. We assist clients in addressing PSM / OSHA / RMP / DEQ audit action items.

Process Support

Throughout a multidisciplinary project there are process needs for every discipline. Levingston personnel support other disciplines by providing process data for instruments and piping, evaluating piping designs, assisting civil engineers in secondary containment and sump design, and performing hydraulic calculations.