Levingston Group, LLC Industries


Levingston serves the Chemical, Energy, Gas, Midstream, Municipal, Oil, Petrochemical, Pipeline, and Transportation Industries.

Partial List Of Representative Projects:
Client names have been omitted due to confidentiality agreements.
Reciprocating Compressor Installation - 13,000 Hp Reciprocating compressor installation with foundations, platforms, controls, piping, and coalescer vessel installation.
Compressor Surge Control - Installation of anti-surge control system. Included instrumentation, piping, and recycle system.
Drum Replacement - New Kerosene wash drum with piping, controls, electrical, civil, and structural. Remove abandoned drum, modify supports, and prepare for new drum.
Dock Rehabilitation
Depropanizer Facility - New green field depropanizer facility to produce, store, and load for transportation commercial grade propane and butane. Facility includes a fire water pump system, fixed hydrants, deluge systems, and hydrocarbon detection.
Control Room Pressurization (6 each) - Modify building and install pressurization blower, power, controls, chemical filter, and ducting. Submittal to Fire Marshall.
Modify Acid Plant Precipators - Replaced rectifiers and controllers, installed air conditioning system, minor building modifications.
Base Storage - Design two tank foundations on piles and pip bridges to span tanks. Included pump foundations and pipe supports.
Upgrade Water Plant Neutralization - Refurbished Acid and Caustic Truck Unloading facility. Piping, foundations, controls, and area paving.
New Flare Line - Install a new flare line for 4 Units - 24" / 36" diameter, K.O. Drum, controls, foundations, pipe supports, platforms, radiant heat shield, and relief valves.
Steam Line Replacement - Replace two thousand feet of 16" / 20" diameter steam piping including stress analysis, tie-ins, and anchor design.
Redesign Piping to Reactor Connection - Finite Element Analysis to redesign a large bore pipe connection into a reactor.
New Storage Tanks - Installation of two 250' diameter Crude Storage Tanks, pumping station with piping manifold, new sub-station with power to new pumps, 18"/24"/30" crude piping distribution systems, 8 million gallon Firewater Reservoir with pump house, controls, and Firewater piping improvements.
Sulfur Degassing - Designed process tower foundation, pipe racks, exchanger, and pump foundations.
Gas Detection - Installation of plant wide gas detection upgrade and installation of tandem pump seals.
Facility Upgrade - Retrofitted existing building and reactor to incorporate new pilot plant with piping, tanks, vessels, exchangers, power and controls, loading facilities, double containment sewers, control room, blast wall, sprinkler system, and firewater modifications.
Benzene Transfer Pump - Install benzene transfer pump, custody transfer metering station, 2-mile 6" pipeline, controls, foundation, paving and sewer tie-ins.
Vent Stack Elimination - Install new 16" flare piping, supports, K.O. Drum, foundations, new pump, and controls.
Waste Treatment Upgrade - Upgrade of existing Waste Treatment Facility to provide Surge Capacity, two stage neutralization, mixing tanks, mixers, controls, piping foundation, and structural steel pipe supports.
Cooling Tower Pump/Turbine - Replace existing turbine drive with new turbine and gearbox right angle drive, lube oil system, platforms, steam piping, stress analysis, dynamic torsional analysis, and coupling selection.
Hydrogen Pipeline - Installation of a hydrogen pipeline with fusion bonded coating and cathodic protection.
Marine Dock Emission Control Upgrade - Installation of vapor recovery systems, flares, power and controls, interlocks and shutdowns, piping, foundations, and structural steel.
Hydrogen Membrane - Installed hydrogen membrane skid unit, new pump, and made tower modifications. New skid foundation, pipe supports, modified platforms, rack piping, and instrumentation.
Replace Product Silos - Replaced existing silos with smaller diameter silos, foundations, steel, baghouses, pneumatic conveying system, blowers, railcar loading facility, and air slide.
Blend B Debottleneck - Install new rubber plant extruder and associated processing units to increase production. All engineering disciplines were required for this project.
Security Upgrade - Enhance the facility security in accordance with homeland security initiatives, including state of the art security system integration and hardened perimeter methods.
Benzene Neshap - Multiple sump pumps, piping systems, and vapor controls to reduce benzene emissions from plant, process sewer system.
Steam Line Modifications - Install approximately 3,100 feet of 24" diameter steam piping including pipe stress analysis, structural analysis, tie-ins, and multiple structural pipe rack revisions.
Batch Unit Expansion - Install new batch reactors, associated storage facilities, control room expansion, DCS system, pressure vessels, pumps, strainers, etc.
Automation Upgrade - Upgrade DCS System (1000 points) from Honeywell TDC 2000 to a Honeywell TPS/TDS 3000 System. Involved new up system design, fiber optic design, pneumatic to electronic signal conversions, etc.
Upgrade DCS System From PROVOX - Regulatory controller to an integral function controller system. Involved the development of equipment specs, inquiries, and bill of materials. Design of pneumatic to electronic signal conversions. In addition a separate safety shutdown system (Triconex) was designed with communication to Provox. Design of control logic for safety system and configuration. Provided field construction and start-up assistance.
New Dock Pipe Rack - Piping, civil/structural, and instrument/electrical design for new pipe rack to replace 40+ year old system. New rack designed so as to leave old system operational until the end of the project allowing for a line-by-line swap over without impacting other piping systems.
Storage Cavern - Re-commissioned underground storage cavern with new well head, dehydration unit, and pipeline transfer system, including brine storage.