Levingston Group, LLC Project Management

Project Management

Levingston's Project Management and Project Engineering personnel are trained in project scope definition, project execution and controls, coordination of engineering discipline and design, project scheduling, and development of engineering and project cost estimates. The roles of the project managers and project engineers are defined in our Project Procedure Manual within our Quality System. Our staff includes engineers who have experience in management of major projects with fast-track schedules.

Project Management

Our Project Managers are responsible for the project development, execution, control and have the overall leadership role.

Project Scope Definition - Coordinate the project team members to define the project scope and engineering deliverables. Re-affirm the client specified scope to the required project scope requirements. Assist the client to determine the level of detail required for study phase, definition phase, and final engineering.

Project Execution - Orient the project team to the project scope and define the client team members, team member roles and responsibilities, project deliverables, procurement policies and procedures, communication channels, drawing issues, project specifications, project schedules, field conditions and safety, fabrication packages, and construction execution.

Project Cost Estimates - Coordinate the project team members to define the project cost estimates with ranges of Order of Magnitude, Preliminary, and AFE grade. Coordinate the project team to develop the list of engineering deliverables, man-hour estimates, and associated cost.

Project Controls - Coordinate the project schedule and man-hour budget information to the project team, track and communicate project scope and schedule changes to the project team and the client representative, issue progress reports, and align the project team to meet the project objectives.

Levingston Project managers have the overall responsibility for the project success and are accountable to the Client's management for meeting project objectives, cost, and schedule requirements.

Project Engineering

Our Project Engineers have the responsibility to coordinate the project team members to complete the engineering and design effort within budget, on schedule, and meet the project stated objectives. They are the technical link between the client and the design effort.

Assist with the project scope definition and execution plan, coordinate the engineering and project cost estimates, and project documentation and distribution.

Plan, organize, and execute the engineering and design work activities in a logical sequence.

Obtain project Client requirements to include Operations, Maintenance, Reliability, Inspection, Construction Execution, Environmental, Discipline design requirements, Safety, Drafting, and Design.

Define and communicate field conditions and site access, field safety issues, coordinate fieldwork, define design requirements and specifications, drawings review and approvals, and equipment and instrumentation procurement.

Prepare project reports to identify current work activities, scheduled activities, scope changes, actual percent complete, engineering cost to date and forecast costs.